Anti Pollution Mask Black

Trigger Anti Pollution Mask Black in cotton with 1 valve and 2 filters 2.5PM

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Trigger Anti Pollution Mask Black in cotton with 1 valve and 2 filters 2.5PM included.

Suitable for all kind of outdoor sports wich dusts exist : rollerblading, scootering, skateboarding, urban cycling, mountain-biking, horse riding, skiing, jogging, climbing.

It also applies to the following occasions: exhaust, viral influenza, industrial emissions, dust allergies.

To make the mask work well, it must be sealed properly around the nose and mouth, so when breathe the air will all pass through the filter. The mask is made from soft texture materials which allows the mask to fit different facial features. It can be seal around the dace well and comfortable.

Instructions :
1. Hold the era loop in each hand with the nose clip up.
2. Position the mask under the chin.
3. Pull each loop over the ear and adjust it as comfortable as possible.
4. Place the fingertips of both hands at the tops of the nose clip and press the nose clip to the shape of the nose bridge.
It's very important to press the nose clip firmly to the nose bridge to form a good seal.

Durable time for filter depends on the following factors : Breathing rate of the user and pollution level.

We recommend to replace the filter once every week if it is used quite often.

For the valve, should be replaced when it is broken.


  • Anti pollution mask
  • Cotton material
  • Moisture 
  • Flu and COVID-19
  • Resistant and breathable
  • Comfortable to wear on skin 
  • Made with environmentally friendly materials
  • 1 valve
  • 2 filters PM2.5